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Suzanne K.F. Capper

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To develop my career in the field of Animation/Computer Graphics and/or Illustration/Design.


Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK
2004-2005 - Masters in 3D Computer Animation

  • Graduated with Merit
  • Completed a Group Project called 'The Hatter's Tea Party', which was a spoof of Alice in Wonderland and a Personal Final Project called 'Soft-Shoe Wiener', which was a touching story about a tap-dancing Dachshund dog.
  • Publications; Image of 'The Hatter's Tea Party' in '3D World' Magazine, issue 67.
  • Award; BBC 2005 New Animator Award Finalists
    Courses entails Animation, Scripting, Compositing, Computer Graphics Moving Image - Digital Cinematography/Moving Image - Art, Science & Technology.                 

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
1999-2003 - Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration

  • GPA: 3.3 out of 4.0
  • High Distinction List 2001, 2003 Achievement
  • Concentration in Music
  • Selected for the Senior Show at Gallery R, Rochester Institute of Technology’s Downtown Gallery: 'Tim Curry Collage'
  • Some of the Courses entailed are Cartooning I, II, Heads, Hands, Facial Expression, Figure in Motion, Caricature Illustration I, II, Life Drawing and Reference Photography.


  • Computer experience: Mac and PC platforms, includes SoftImage XSI, Maya, Shake, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, FreeHand, QuarkXpress, PageMaker, PowerPoint, Excel and Microsoft Word
  • Pastels, Oil, Watercolour, Gouache and Acrylic Paints, Pencils, Pen and Ink, Colour Pencils, Charcoal, Clay and Air Brush


  • ‘OmniDate’, Markham, Ontario Jan. 2007-July 2008
    Lead 3D Computer Animator
    • 3D computer animation for all characters
    • 3D animation and graphics
  • ‘IBC Digital’, Buffalo, NY 2006
    3D Computer Animator; Telecommunicating Intern
    • Completed short Animation projects
    • 3D animation and graphics
  • 'Access MoCap', Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK, 2005
    Motion Capture Actor
    - Performed scenes for Motion Capture for Red Vision's online gambling TV channel on Sky (Sky Vegas/At The Races).  My duties included:
    • Acting out motions in scenes
    • Walk cycles
  • CGI Festival in London December 2004
    - I was in charge of keeping order of my section and running the animation films on time.
  • ‘The PennySaver’ Newspaper, Orchard Park, NY 2003-2004
    Graphic Designer
    - Working at this newspaper, I learned how to meet deadlines efficiently and the importance of working in a team due to weekly projects. My duties included:
    • Design/create advertisements and coupons
    • Page layout
  • The New Era Cap Company, Derby, NY 2002
    Graphic Designer
    - Computers were mostly used in this job position and my skills in that area improved extensively. My strengths in team working improved greatly as I regularly corresponded with fellow employees on up coming projects. My work included:
    • Created logo designs using Freehand; Designed new logos for representatives to see, Worked with original logos on differently design caps for catalog and layout test sheets.
    • Catalog layout; Created each page in the following year’s New Era catalog.
    • Participated in team building activities such as building a mobile in a theme.
  • The Southtowns Citizen, Orchard Park, NY 2001
    Graphic Designer / Reporter / Photographer
    - Deadlines for this weekly newspaper were very strict and I completed them efficiently. I learned essential communications skills as a reporter and was flexible to accommodate the spur of the moment interviews and stories. My duties included:
    • Wrote weekly articles; ‘Citizen of the week’, historical article ‘An Eye on Yesterday’, ‘Upcoming Events’ calendar, Town board meetings, sometimes Feature articles.
    • Photography; Pictures for numerous articles / Front page, fill in pictures throughout paper.
    • Assisted staff with graphic design projects; Helped with page layouts, answered graphic design related problems.
  • The Reporter, RIT, Rochester, NY 2000 -2002
    - I used my art and deadline skills on creative illustrations for articles appearing in the student news magazine.
    • Created illustrations for articles appearing in student news magazine.
  • RIT Music Room, Rochester, NY 2000 -2003
    Music Room Assistant
    • Supervised music room


  • Historian in the Rochester Institute of Technology Student Music Association
  • Treasurer / Historian / Stagehand in the Rochester Institute of Technology Players (drama club), Performer; Rochester Institute of Technology Children’s Theatre productions, student films, Motion Capture, Rocky Horror Picture Show Performances and voiceovers in student animations.
  • A keen musician that has played the Clarinet in Concert Band, Swing Band, and Orchestra
  • Knowledgeable in American Sign Language
  • Proficient in Standard and Digital Cameras


  • Creative Sources
  • Drawing
  • 2D Design
  • 3D Design
  • Art and Civilization
  • Foundation-Illustration/Medical Illustration
  • Design Survey
  • Computer: Raster Imaging
  • Computer: Vectoring Imaging
  • Intro to Computer Illustration
  • Cartooning I, II
  • Heads, Hands, Facial Expression
  • Figure in Motion
  • Intro to Illustration
  • Intro to Paint and Oils
  • Reference Photography
  • Book Illustration
  • Political Cartooning I, II
  • Renaissance Painting
  • Typography
  • Airbrush Techniques
  • 20th Century Art
  • Advanced Illustration Methods
  • Caricature Illustration I, II
  • Contemporary Art
  • Symbols in Editorial Illustration
  • Zoological and Botany Illustration
  • Illustrative Design I, II
  • Personal Focus I, II
  • Watercolor
  • Advertising Design II
  • Illustration Techniques I
  • Illustration Sketchbook I
  • Illustration Portfolio
  • Illustration Marketing & Business
  • Life Drawing
  • Animation
  • Scripting
  • Compositing
  • Computer Graphics
  • Moving Image - Digital Cinematography
  • Moving Image - Art, Science & Technology

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